Friendly Family Law Solicitors Here To Help You

Our all women team of family law specialists are here to support you through any family law issues you may be experiencing. This includes things like arrangements or disputes about children, divorce, financial matters and domestic abuse.  We can provide you with advice about your legal options, we can negotiate with the other party or their representative on your behalf and we can represent you in family law court proceedings.

What is Affordable Justice?

Affordable Justice is a unique family law firm run by women for women living anywhere in England and Wales.
We want to ensure that women can access affordably priced high quality legal advice and representation provided by qualified solicitors who are experienced and specialist in this field. Your initial conversation can be over the phone or on zoom and then if court attendance is required, we will attend to represent you ourselves or arrange for an experienced advocate from our extensive network to be there for you.
We are a registered charity which means we can offer help to you at less than a third of the price of commercial law firms without compromising on quality.
The service is led by Sue – one of our Directors and a recognised family law expert. Sue is supported by Becky and Amy all very experienced in this area of work. The team can help you with:

  • Disputes about arrangements for children including where they should live and whom they should spend time with and when and how this should take place
  • Divorce, separation and cohabitation – resolution of relationship breakdown.
  • Non-molestation orders to provide some personal protection for you and/or your children.
  • Occupation Orders to regulate who lives at the family home, to help you and your children to live in safety.
  • Representation in Proceedings concerning child arrangements.
  • Specific Issue Orders – for example for the return of a child who has been forcibly removed.
  • Prohibited Steps Orders – for example to stop the other party from removing the child from the care of the Applicant.

Our proposition is simple and compelling: we want to ensure that women and children can access legal advice and representation by offering affordably-priced, non-profit making legal services, provided by qualified solicitors who are experts in this field.

The welfare reforms to Legal Aid in April 2013 have had a devastating effect on women who want to access legal services as a result of harassment, violence or abuse. Many are unable to get Legal Aid, and mainstream legal fees for court representation are simply unaffordable, at an average of £230/hour, plus VAT.

Typical costs for straightforward legal proceedings can average £3,000 to £5,000 plus VAT. At our hourly rates of £82/hour plus VAT, this brings the costs down considerably. This can make all the difference for women in our client group between staying in a difficult situation and escaping from it to rebuild their lives.

“The help and support you have provided has been amazing”

M – August 2021

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your hard work and support since you first picked up the phone to me. It’s been a rollercoaster and your help and professional guidance has been very much appreciated.”

J – June 2021

“Appreciate all your help over the last twelve months”

C – July 2021