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Affordable Justice – Making Family Law Accessible

Work with Affordable Justice

Affordable Justice is a specialist family law solicitors which has been structured as an Alternative Business Structure with charitable status. As a non-profit, the charity has made legal support specifically for victims of domestic abuse more accessible.

The firm has been established by women for women and operates within a feminist framework. Founders Lisa Hilder and Sue Sedgwick have long since recognised that the family law courts system is inherently misogynistic. For this reason, they are committed to helping women who have been proven to be disproportionately negatively affected by the processes of the family law courts.

Childcare Arrangements and Divorce Law Specialists

Affordable Justice works extensively with women who are seeking to exit a violent, abusive, or controlling marriage or relationship. Divorce, separation, living arrangements, access to children, non-molestation orders, specific issue orders – all our women clients receive the same high levels of professional expertise that they would receive from a commercial solicitor’s firm. With a success rate of 96 per cent, we believe that we surpass these expectations on a regular basis.

It was crucial to us from the beginning that women had access to the same level of professionalism and expertise that was on offer at traditional commercial and high street solicitors, without the financial burden of fees, which were usually in excess of £300 to £350 an hour plus VAT. We have stripped out the profit element of this, which means we charge less than a third of these usual rates.

Family Solicitor Jobs

As a result of our continued expansion, we are constantly interested in talking to women who are seeking a new approach to family law solicitors’ jobs. We extend this thread of feminism through to our workplace values, too. When advertising family law jobs, the needs of women in the workplace are central to our employment policies. Whether through working from home, working flexible hours, being paid a fair and equitable wage, and being given opportunities to progress through the organisation – all are considered an open and transparent platform that holds women at its very centre.

Recruitment for Solicitors

Our recruitment for solicitors is ongoing. From small beginnings in Hull, Affordable Justice has expanded to working with women throughout England and Wales. If you are looking for family law solicitor jobs that work for your lifestyle and allow you to work independently with the security of a competitive salary for an organisation that is proactively challenging the most misogynistic aspects of the family law court system, then we would love to hear from you. No matter where in the country you are located, we know we need your skills and tenacity.