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Case Studies & Feedback

When can Affordable Justice help you?

Affordable Justice was set up to give women access to affordable, expert family law advice and representation. To date, we have supported over 1,000 women.

We support women who are not able to access Legal Aid but able to afford our prices, which are set at a third of the price of commercial high street fees. Over half the women we support are on incomes under £20,000.

For women needing language interpretation, we provide free interpretation and adjust bills so women aren’t penalised for the longer appointment times required.

What kind of cases do you help with?

Below are some recent client cases from our evaluation Angel on My Shoulder (2023).

Samia’s story – ‘it was all to hurt me’

*all names have been changed

Samia was recommended Affordable Justice after her ex-partner made false accusations of child abuse and refused to return their two children. Years earlier Samia had fled her abusive ex-partner and used legal aid to secure a Non Molestation Order for protection.

At the time Samia approached Affordable Justice,

‘My whole world had flipped upside down. My ex had had them [her children] for the weekend and refused to return them. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was the summer holidays. I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t focus. It was the most upsetting time of my life. One day I thought, ‘what’s the point? I’m never going to see my kids again’. I just wanted the pain to end.

‘Making that first call [to Affordable Justice] I was panicking, I was upset, I was heart-broken – every single emotion. The thing about my situation is there is always stigma, wondering ‘is the solicitor going to believe me? Is she going to believe these false accusations? Is she going to fight for me?

‘But right away [Sue] made me feel at ease. I’d thought this would take ages and would be weeks of waiting, but I got a consultation the next day and she was on it telling me the form to do to get a court date. In 24-hours the ball is moving.

‘I wasn’t scared to ring back. In between [hearings] I would think ‘what about this?’ and Sue would be like, ‘don’t worry: this, this and this’. It was very black and white and put me at ease straight away. Hand on heart everything was absolutely brilliant. I had Sue represent me [at hearings] both times. Sue would say before the hearing, ‘I’m going to say this, I’m going to say that’. She’d say our best and worst outcomes. I was terrified but I was prepared for it [not getting her children back].

‘She [Sue] turned out to be right about everything. When we went to court she was amazing. I didn’t have to speak unless the judge asked me something: a little thing, but a big thing. I was frightened to speak in front of my ex-husband. I was trembling and shaking.

‘The judge wiped the floor with my ex for what he’d done. They said, ‘your kids are coming home on Saturday’. The whole process from ringing Sue to the second court date was two and a half weeks. It was fast, but at the time it felt like years. I had my dad help me out financially. It was my kids and I would have given life or limb to pay for it.

‘A lot of people don’t understand what happened was a carry on from domestic abuse and it was all to hurt me. It’s a realisation how many women this happens to. It’s made me a stronger person: I did it, it was a happy ending. It’s made me open my eyes to the fact he can’t really do anything else because he has done the worst. If anything, I’ve been able to come out of this and can say, ‘I’m a really good mum’. I’m a great mum.’

Rose’s story – ‘a huge, monumental step in my life

*All names have been changed

Rose came to Affordable Justice for help with her divorce. Although amicable, after 33 years of marriage the divorce ‘turned upside down’ Rose’s world.

Rose tried two high street solicitors before a friend referred her to Affordable Justice. Rose likened these first solicitors to Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

‘They really wanted me to take everything I could off my husband. They wanted to put words in my mouth. They were trying to make out he was something bad and wanted me to stitch him up for his pension. But it’s not the person I am to have taken him for everything I could.

‘The woman wasn’t compassionate or empathic. I thought they were looking down on me, as if I was stupid. But I’m not stupid – it was emotional. We’d been married 33 years so it’s not something you take lightly. This was huge for me. It was a huge step.

To escape being made to feel this way, Rose contacted Affordable Justice.

‘The call I had with Becky was wonderful. I cried with her. She was so compassionate. I think because she’s used to dealing with vulnerable women, I think she saw me as a full person, not a number or a client.

‘She respected what I wanted to do and that was huge for me. I felt she was kind and considerate. I’ve recommended her to somebody else. I can’t praise Becky enough after the experience I had with the other solicitors. It was so huge because they didn’t realise what a huge, monumental step in my life this was, whereas Becky did, and she respected me. She made sure I understood what I was asking for and all the implications.‘ Cost was huge for me. Because the fees were so affordable, I had some money left over, which was good for me because I suddenly only had my salary to live on. It was a big learning curve. It sounds pathetic but he’d taken care of the bills and now suddenly I was. Becky understood that.’

Client Feedback

‘Amazing. She put me at rest straight away. She was with me every step of the way.’
Client, November 2022

‘Thank you for doing what you do. The impact on my wellbeing has been immediate and substantial. I’m truly grateful knowing that I and other women can access this too.’
Client, November 2022

‘You’ve been amazing with communication & support. I felt listened to and respected. Thank you.’
Client, November 2022

‘Making that first call I was panicking. But right away Sue made me feel at ease. I’d thought this would take ages and would be weeks of waiting, but I got a consultation the next day. In 24-hours the ball was moving. Hand on heart everything was absolutely brilliant’. 
Client, November 2022

‘After the first call I felt relief. I felt like I had someone on my side who could help me and who wanted to help me. It felt like a genuine interest to help me. After speaking with Affordable Justice, I felt more confident in my situation.’
Client, November 2022

‘Becky was wonderful. I cried with her. She was so compassionate. She saw me as a full person, not a number or a client. She respected what I wanted to do and that was huge for me. I felt she was kind and considerate. I’ve recommended her to somebody else. I can’t praise Becky enough.’
Client, November 2022

‘I can’t thank Becky and the team enough. They understood and respected my choices and were thoroughly understanding and kind to me during a terrible time. I will always be grateful.’
Client, November 2022

‘This was a first-rate service and I felt supported throughout. Having a solicitor speak to me on the phone who was very knowledgeable about the particular areas I needed help with was very reassuring.’
Client, November 2022

‘Very on the ball, very professional. I didn’t doubt for one minute what she was saying. She made me feel more confident in my situation. Knowing I had Sue to speak to and to put it into words I knew the courts would really understand my situation’.
Client, November 2022

‘She did a lot of work on the case. She has gone above and beyond. Her statements have been amazing. She’s produced amazing and effective responses. And shes really helped me to be reasonable and rein it in a bit’.
Client, November 2022

‘It was a horrible, horrible time in my life. It was so frightening for me and the children. Knowing the divorce was in safe hands and not ringing up the bill took that worry from it.’
Client, November 2022

‘If it hadn’t been affordable and I hadn’t got the divorce, I wouldn’t have been able to move on, to get married, to be adopting my little boy. I wouldn’t have been able to turn my life around like I have now’.
Client, November 2022

‘I have already recommended Becky and the team to a friend. I can’t praise them enough’
Client, November 2022

‘So dedicated and so genuine. And that really comes across. They’re approachable and really honest’
Client, November 2022

‘Without Affordable Justice I couldn’t have afforded to do it and my child would have been stuck in a terrible situation. I wouldn’t have been able to get justice. I would have been financially worse off because I would have given up the house to have had a better life. It was worth every penny. It was really difficult at the time to manage, but it was worth more than what I paid for it.’
Client, November 2022

‘Becky was just really down to earth, really fab. They’re approachable and really honest as well with the whole process. Everything they did was to make it as smooth as possible. They were so dedicated and genuine’.
Client, November 2022

‘Thank you for all that you and your team have done for me since I arrived in Hull. I am extremely grateful to you, to Becky and to Amy and Kirsty. I wish you all the best going forward, you are a fabulous team and it has been amazing having the support and guidance from you all. In addition to your personable and caring sides too.
E June 2021

Thanks to Becky and Amy for everything they have done
D November 2021

Appreciate all your help over the last twelve months
C July 2021

The help and support you have provided has been amazing
M August 2021

I wanted to express my gratitude to you as you helped and supported me during hard times
R May 2021

Again I just want to thank you both so much for the excellent service you had provided to myself
M August 2021

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your hard work and support since you first picked up the phone to me. It’s been a rollercoaster and your help and professional guidance has been very much appreciated.
J June 2021

In all these situations we can help. Please contact us and we will advise you. There is no cost for having a chat about your issue.