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Disputes about Arrangements for Children  

Affordable Justice specialises in providing legal advice and guidance on family law matters, with our team of solicitors comprising recognised family law experts who can provide advice regarding disputes about children and arrangements for children.

We are able to negotiate with the other party on your behalf and represent you in family court law proceedings where necessary. Whatever support you need, we endeavour to help you and provide you with the representation and expertise you require, including on various types of court orders.

What is a Child Arrangements Order? 

A child arrangements order is a court order issued by the family court that determines who your child(ren) should live with/spend their time with. A child arrangements order can also include various conditions, such as whether or not someone’s time with the children should be supervised or take place on an indirect basis by way of telephone calls or letters and cards.

Most commonly, a child arrangements order is requested when parents separate and cannot reach an agreement about the arrangements for their child(ren).

The court can also consider making a prohibited steps order to prohibit one of the child’s parents from acting in a certain way, such as removing the child from the jurisdiction or collecting them from school. They will make a decision that they deem to be in the child’s best interests. This is because the welfare of the child must be the Court’s paramount consideration. The court will only make decisions on behalf of the children if the children’s parents are unable to do so. However, wherever possible, the court would prefer the parties to agree on things between them. At Affordable Justice, we can assist you with this by negotiating on your behalf or making proposals for arrangements that you feel comfortable with.

Do I Need a Solicitor for a Child Arrangements Order? 

Family law, particularly the laws relating to arrangements for children, can be a complex and difficult area of law and many people would therefore benefit from having access to affordable legal advice and representation to enable them to prepare and submit an application for a child arrangements order or other orders concerning children.

Who Can Apply to Court about a Child? 

Those who have parental responsibility for their children can apply to the court for a child arrangements order, specific issue order, or prohibited steps order. Other people may be able to apply to the court for an order concerning children but may require the permission of the court to do so.

Discuss Your Needs with Us 

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