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Family Law Solicitors, Leeds

As a team of solicitors specialising in family law issues, Affordable Justice is exclusively for women and is here to help women across England and Wales. In the absence of a solicitor, family law can be confusing and complicated to understand.   

Unfortunately, so few women qualify for legal aid, yet the cost of commercial family law solicitors is by no means affordable. As a result, Affordable Justice was established as a non-profit ‘alternative business structure’ law firm to assist the women of Hull, Leeds, and the rest of England and Wales for roughly a third of the commercial price charged by other law firms.

If you are based in Leeds and would like to reach out to our team located in Hull, please fill out our contact form.


Q: Do you exclusively provide services to women in Hull/East Yorkshire?

A: No, our services can be accessed by all women throughout England and Wales.

Q: How much does it cost to contact you?

A: The initial discussion is entirely free of charge and comprises us gathering some information from you about your current situation and proposed course of action and offering you an appointment with one of our highly experienced solicitors. Should you choose to proceed with our services, we will require an upfront payment.

Q: Are my children allowed to attend my appointment?

A: We are unable to discuss sensitive topics with children present (remotely or in person); however, we do have a purpose-built nursery onsite. We request that you let us know of your need for a nursery session prior to your appointment. 

Q: Why can your legal services only be accessed by women?

A: We are a registered charity based in a Women’s Centre in Hull.  We created this service for women due to the difficulties that they were experiencing in accessing affordable legal advice and representation as a result to the cuts made to legal aid.  Research tells us that women seeking family law services have been impacted more by legal aid eligibility cuts than anyone else.

Q: Is your work classed as legal aid?

A: No, we do not offer legal aid but do provide legal advice, assistance, and representation for women who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford to pay commercial law firm fees.  

Affordable Justice is a non-profit organisation that strives to offer the women of Hull, Leeds, and beyond legal assistance at affordable rates.