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  • Navigating a Route Out of Domestic Violence

    According to the ONS, a domestic abuse call is made to the police every 30 seconds. This means that by the time you have finished reading this article, at least two people somewhere in the UK will be so terrified at the hands of their partner that they will feel compelled to pick up the… Read…

  • Increasing Accessibility to Affordable Justice for Women Across the UK

    Affordable Justice was set up as an alternative business structure in direct response to the cuts to legal aid affecting women across the country having access to legal services, specifically in matters relating to family law. In its simplest terms, the company stripped out the profit element of legal work, which enabled them to reduce… Read…

  • What Type Of Court Orders Can Be Made Regarding Children?

    The breakdown of a relationship is a challenging time emotionally for both parties involved, but when you throw children into the mix, it can become toxic. Too often, if a woman is a victim of coercive control and domestic abuse, removing herself and her children from that situation takes an incredible amount of strength and… Read…


Announcing the appointment to the Affordable Justice Team

The team at Affordable Justice are looking forward to the new Office Administrator Lisa coming to join them shortly.  She will soon be available to welcome calls from anyone wishing to discuss their family law issue and to arrange an appointment for legal advice and assistance.  Lisa is an experienced Administrator and has a friendly and approachable manner and is used to dealing with difficult and confidential information in a sensitive way.

Further details to be announced soon.