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  • The Family Law Courts System is Adding to Trauma

    Splitting up from your partner is not often civilised. If you’ve undergone trauma and abuse in your relationship, then separation is rarely the end of the story. Throw children into the mix and you have an emotional powder keg that is often weaponised by ex-partners when going through any family law court hearings. It can… Read…

  • Affordable Justice Expands Team With Appointment of New Solicitor, Samantha Harrison

    Affordable Justice is one of the UK’s fastest growing non-profit alternative business structure legal services. We have recently appointed Samantha Harrison to our growing team of family law solicitors, providing affordable legal services to women throughout the UK. Samantha will provide services both as a divorce and domestic abuse lawyer, and has particular expertise in… Read…

  • Why the £2 Million Domestic Abuse Flee Fund is Just Another Gimmick

    You may have read recently about the government setting aside £2 million to be distributed as grants for domestic abuse victims to escape their situations (we’ve included the link below for you to read). While this may initially be seen as a positive shift, our director Lisa Hilder believes that there are still mountains to… Read…


Announcing the appointment to the Affordable Justice Team

The team at Affordable Justice are looking forward to the new Office Administrator Lisa coming to join them shortly.  She will soon be available to welcome calls from anyone wishing to discuss their family law issue and to arrange an appointment for legal advice and assistance.  Lisa is an experienced Administrator and has a friendly and approachable manner and is used to dealing with difficult and confidential information in a sensitive way.

Further details to be announced soon.