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Domestic Abuse

If you’re a woman and are a victim of domestic abuse, you may be able to apply for protection from the court through a number of legal orders, including non-molestation orders and/or occupation orders. At Affordable Justice, our all-women team is made up of experienced domestic abuse solicitors who have the specialist knowledge and expertise to represent you in court, helping you to get the protection you need to escape an abusive relationship. If you live in England or Wales and are looking for legal guidance on domestic abuse, we may be able to help. 

What Counts as Domestic Abuse? 

Domestic abuse is when one person subjects someone they live with or have a relationship with to physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse. The abuser could be a spouse, romantic partner, parent, or other family member. If a child is present at the time, they are also victims of domestic abuse. 

Physical Abuse 

If you have been physically attacked or hit by your partner or someone you have a relationship with, you are a victim of domestic abuse. Physical abuse can also include other types of behaviour, for example pushing, shoving or being spat at.

Emotional Abuse 

If a person you live with or have a relationship with has threatened you, is controlling what you wear and do, has humiliated you, or has made you feel worthless or bad on purpose i.e. by ignoring you, you are a victim of emotional domestic abuse. 

Sexual Abuse

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment or abuse by a partner or someone you have a relationship with, you are a victim of domestic and sexual abuse. This includes any sexual actions you have not consented to.

Financial Abuse 

If your access to money has been restricted or is being controlled by a person you have a relationship with or live with to the point you’re financially dependent on them, you are a victim of financial domestic abuse. 

Leaving an Abusive Situation 

Abusers often exert extreme control over their victims, making it very difficult for them to leave, either because they are threatened if they try, or because they don’t have the means to do so. In these cases, the court can help. No one should be subjected to domestic abuse, but when it does occur, there are a number of legal options that can provide protection to victims.

Through our colleagues at the women’s centre, we offer advice and support to women who are victims of domestic abuse. Our all-women team are recognised family law specialists who have extensive experience in helping women to access the legal remedies which enable them to leave abusive relationships and keep themselves and their children safe. 

Domestic Abuse Orders 

The safety of you and your children is very important to us. will listen to you and provide unbiased, efficient advice that is proportionate to your circumstances. This may include applying for emergency domestic abuse orders. We have years of experience in helping women to apply for occupation and non-molestation orders. In some cases, we can apply for you for both. 

Occupation Orders 

Escaping an abusive relationship can be incredibly difficult, especially if you share a home together. An occupation order stops the abuser from living in or accessing the joint home if they pose a threat of violence. They are designed to keep you and any children living in the home safe, but there are rigid criteria that must be met. We can offer further advice and guidance on applying for occupation orders to protect you if you’re in an abusive situation. 

Non-Molestation Orders 

If you are experiencing abusive threats, harassment, pestering, or intimidation, a non-molestation order can be issued to stop the abuser from contacting you and perpetrating abusive behaviour. Oftentimes, a non-molestation order and an occupation order can be issued together. We can help you apply for a non-molestation order. 

Some victims of domestic or marital abuse may be eligible to receive legal aid. We do not provide legal aid – we help women who do not qualify for legal aid or have been refused legal aid  and cannot afford the prices charged by commercial family law solicitors.  We charge less than a third of the cost per hour than high street law firms, ensuring victims of abuse are able to access high quality, professional legal advice and representation. 

Discuss Your Needs with Us 

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