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Family Law Solicitors, York

If you are in need of a solicitor for family law matters, specialising in women’s aid, then Affordable Justice is here to help.

We are a team of legal justice solicitors based in Hull and offer services exclusively to women throughout England and Wales. It is our mission to provide legal support to women who do not qualify for legal aid yet cannot afford the cost of a commercial solicitor. 

Affordable Justice is a registered charity, meaning we are able to offer our services to the women of Hull, York, and the rest of England and Wales, for up to a third of the commercial price. 

If you are based in York and would like to reach out to our team in Hull, you can arrange a free initial consultation via the contact form


Q: Are your services only available to women in Hull/East Yorkshire?

A: No, our services can be accessed by all women throughout England and Wales.

Q: If I choose to attend my appointment in person, may I bring my children with me?

A: Although our policy doesn’t permit us to discuss sensitive issues with children present (remotely or in person), we do have a purpose-built nursery onsite. Before attending your appointment, please inform us of your need for a nursery session, and we will do all we can to facilitate this. 

Q: How much does an initial consultation cost?

A: The initial consultation in which we discuss your current circumstances, legal position, and proposed course of action is completely free of charge. Should you choose to proceed with our services upon this initial conversation, we will require an upfront payment. 

Q: Why are your services exclusive to women?

A: According to our research, women seeking family law services were worst affected by the massive cuts made to legal aid eligibility. As a result, we established ourselves as a non-profit law firm to help women obtain the legal assistance they need. 

Q: Do you offer legal aid?

A: No, our services are designed to support women who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford to pay the fees of commercial solicitors. The accessibility of legal aid has significantly decreased in recent years, influencing us to create a more affordable means of gaining legal advice and representation. From this, Affordable Justice was born – a charity that strives to provide the women of Hull, York, aund beyond with legal assistance at a heavily reduced price.