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An Angel on My Shoulder

Unique, Women-led Family law Solicitors in England.

97 per cent of women who work with Affordable Justice won the outcome they desired in their family law cases. It comes as no surprise that hundreds of women who have worked with Affordable Justice consider them the best family law solicitors in the UK and happily told their story to the authors of an independent report – An Angel on My Shoulder – recently commissioned by the women-only based solicitors in family law.

Additionally, in issues surrounding childcare arrangements, domestic abuse, and coercive and economic control, women reported back feeling heard, supported, respected and believed in a system that is notoriously dismissive and can give men the opportunity to perpetuate abusive and damaging behaviour.

Affordable Justice was set up specifically to help women who are not eligible for legal aid and who are not in a position to afford commercial law firm rates.  The normal cost of commercial solicitors can be prohibitive for many people, keeping them trapped in unhappy and abusive relationships. For women worrying about the cost of getting legal advice about these issues, Affordable Justice, which is a registered charity, offers a service charged at less than a third of typical high street rates.

Family Law Jobs

As a result of the charity’s success since it was first established in 2016, Affordable Justice is seeking to expand its services. The organisation started small from the Preston Road Women’s Centre in Hull. The pandemic forced much of its processes online and demonstrated to directors, Lisa Hilder and Sue Sedgwick, the opportunities for growth. The charity now works throughout England and Wales.

The evaluation also highlighted the family friendly working practices of this women-orientated organization and how staff members enjoy a better work-life balance than they did previously in commercial high street firms.

As a result of increasing demand, Affordable Justice is keen to hear from women specialising in family law who want to balance their working life more equitably with their family and home life.

If this is you, please contact us at admin@affordablejustice.co.uk, attaching a copy of your CV.

Award Winning Practice

Affordable Justice’s unique and specialised approach means that it has come to the notice of nationwide domestic abuse and charity bodies across the UK and has subsequently been nominated for a number of awards. Recent events of note include:

  • An invitation to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, held in Buckingham Palace and hosted by HM Queen Camilla.
  • Lead solicitor and AJ director, Sue Sedgwick, was awarded the Judges Award at the local Women in Business awards.
  • Affordable Justice was shortlisted for the ‘Improving Impact in Small Charities’ award at the Charity Governance Awards 2023.
  • It was also shortlisted in the ‘Social Care, Advice and Support’ category at the prestigious national Civil Society Media Charity Awards.

Current activities include caucusing with national women’s organisations working to end violence against women and girls and improve the Family Law system for women and children.