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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer free half hour initial appointments?

As a non-profit making law firm we keep our prices as low as possible.  Our rates are typically less than a third of other law firms.  As such we can’t offer free appointments as this would mean that we would have to increase our hourly rates which would make things more expensive for everyone.

Q. Can I get Legal Aid if I come to you for advice and/or representation?

No we don’t offer advice and representation under Legal Aid.  Whilst you may be entitled to Legal Aid, depending upon your personal circumstances,  we are set up specifically for women who cannot access Legal Aid and need an affordable alternative. We would recommend you make enquiries with another law firm who do have a Legal Aid contract and will be able to help you.

Q. Why do you only offer legal services to women?

We are a non-profit making law firm based at the Preston Road Women’s Centre in Hull.  We opened as a direct result of the huge cuts that were made to legal aid eligibility which, according to our research, had a severe impact, particularly on women seeking family law services.  We are also a registered charity.  For all of these reasons we only offer legal services to women.

Q. Do you offer services to women in the Hull/East Yorkshire area only?

No – we can provide advice and assistance to women who live anywhere England and Wales.

Q. I am worried about the ongoing COVID-19 situation and would prefer not to come into face to face contact during any appointment I have.  Can I have an appointment with you without having to come into your office?

Yes we can offer appointments remotely – either by way of telephone appointments or appointments by video calls such as Zoom.

Q. I have young children in my care and do not have anyone to look after them.  Can they be present during my appointment?

We have a policy which means that we are not able to speak to clients about sensitive issues whilst there are children present, including when appointments take place remotely.  However we do have a purpose built nursery located in the same building that we are based in and can offer, subject to availability, a free nursery sessions for your children whilst you access legal advice from us.  If you are having a remote appointment with us we can offer appointments later in the day when your children are in bed.  This should ensure that you can speak freely with us without worrying about your children overhearing anything that you want to discuss with us.

Q. My situation is very complex.  Can you arrange for a barrister to represent me in Court?

Yes – we frequently arrange for a barrister to represent our clients where their situation is complicated or the hearing is lengthy.   We have established relationships with various chambers in the local area.  To arrange for you to be represented by a barrister  we would usually obtain the availability and cost estimates of any suitable and available barristers and send these to you so that you can consider your options and confirm which barrister you would prefer to work with.  We would then require you to pay the relevant fee to us to enable us to book the barrister and prepare a detailed brief to them.  Please note that where a barrister is instructed on your behalf we would generally not take part in any Court hearings where you are represented by them and it is therefore important that you make your instructions to the barrister extremely clear and that you are fully aware of the outcome of any hearing and record any important dates and any agreements made carefully.

Q. Can I enter into a payment plan to pay you for my legal fees?

As a non-profit making, charitable law firm we do require payment up front for your initial appointment and work you have instructed us to undertake such as corresponding with your ex-partner/ the Court.  However if you then opt for us to undertake further work on your behalf at some point in the future, for example if you instruct us to represent you at a hearing in say two months’ time or to prepare an Application to the Court in six weeks’ time, you can  provide us with regular e.g. weekly payments up to the date that further work is required on your behalf. We assess this on a case by case basis.