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Where and How We Work

Can’t Get Legal Aid and Can’t Afford a Solicitor?

That is exactly why Affordable Justice came into being – to provide affordable and accessible legal advice for women who were no longer eligible for Legal Aid after the LASPO changes in 2012/13. LASPO – which stands for Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act – severely reduced the amount of Legal Aid that was available.

Have You Had Legal Aid Refused?

We knew that these changes would have a serious detrimental effect on women particularly. The very nature of domestic abuse and coercive control means that the majority of women have limited recourse to adequate funding. Affordable Justice was consequently established as a family law specialist offering legal advice for women who have had Legal Aid refused.

Domestic Abuse Solicitors

In short, we are family law specialists and employ a number of specialist solicitors who provide legal advice, assistance, and representation to women throughout England and Wales.  Since we opened in 2016, we have supported over 1,100 women in over 100 locations across England and Wales.

Due to differences in the legal system, we are not able to provide a service to women in Scotland.

Preston Road Women’s Centre

The Affordable Justice head office is based at the award-winning Preston Road Women’s Centre in east Hull. For local clients visiting the office, we provide a welcoming, all women environment and offer a nursery facility for under-fives. Women can also access the wider domestic abuse and housing services provided by Preston Road Women’s Centre.

Although we have grown in the early days as a family solicitor in Hull, we have created a platform for working virtually across the country. As a result, whether you live in Hull or Horsham, Canterbury or Carlisle, women throughout the UK have full access to our affordable legal advice and services.

What Does Family Law Cover at Affordable Justice?

We carry out legal advice for women covering the full spectrum of family law issues. If you are seeking help with dealing with divorce, domestic abuse, coercive and economic control, occupation orders and childcare arrangements, we can help you.

For more details on all the different orders and applications we can help you with, check out our specialist areas page here.

Get in Touch with Affordable Justice

Regardless of your location in England or Wales or your situation, we can help. Please contact us for a discussion to find out how we can assist you.